What the icons mean to you


It’s been so fun to hear some of the reasons behind why people have chosen each icon. 

Settings icon earrings.jpg


I spend so much time in the settings of my software application I use most days - tweaking things to make my life better. 
I always have to tell my mum where the settings are. 
Location gold.JPG


I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am right now. And the location pin reminds me that I’m happy right here. 


It’s like a placeholder for my diamond earrings that are ‘loading’. 
I love photography, and this icon reminds me of my passion. 
cloud px.png


I work in dev ops, and I’m always updating files and helping people. So this icon is a part of my day. 
cursor trail.jpg


So far the most popular icon earrings have been the cursor. Which is slightly different to what the survey results said. 

The pointer is HIJ's signature piece. I had to have it. 
I love arrows and thought they were so cute!
Icon earrings.jpg

These original HI Jewellery pieces are the first in our collection bringing digital experiences from the computer screen to life. 

What you wear shows the world what you value. 

Tell the world that not only are you the future, you’re making the future. 

Amelia Diggle