We’re elevating the jewellery industry

with 3D printing.


The HIJ process



Just like software design, we sketch and test every concept before they are prototyped and refined. We involve our community in every way we can; from testing, voting and sampling. We're dedicated in building great designs and connections.   

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Our Values

Human-centred design

We love to listen to our community. We want to understand what jewellery means to them and the reasons they wear it. We value their insight in our design process and refine every element of HIJ to create a fantastic experience for each person. 

Sharing the latest technology

Sharing really is caring. We believe in providing the best and latest designs from the same calibre in technology. We invest in exploring and liberating the capabilities of the latest 3D printing methods and printers.

Respecting the environment

We are based in beautiful New Zealand. The unique environment in which we live provides a daily reminder that we are truly lucky to live here. In efforts to help protect our home, we only print in small batches (versions). We are as close to zero waste as possible.


Meet Your Maker @

HI Jewellery

Amelia Diggle is the designer and founder of HI Jewellery.

Meet Amelia

Where are you from?
Greendale, Canterbury, New Zealand.

What do you do?

I do a variety of things with my time. Here are a few:

  • UI design: user interface design. Designs the interfaces that piece together to create a product or application. Buttons, toggles, forms, graphs etc.

  • UX design: user experience design. Designs ‘users’ experience an interface.

  • CX design: customer experience design. Design how customers experience an entire business. Also known as service design.

  • Jewellery design

  • 3D cad design

  • Paints pictures for friends

  • Plays hockey

  • Tramping and camping

HIJ desk.jpg
Customer Experience design - Amelia journey mapping.

Customer Experience design - Amelia journey mapping.


The Beginning of Human Interface Jewellery:


HIJ came about when Amelia brought four of her passions together; User Interface design, jewellery design, adventure and 3D cad design. One night when Amelia was in a metalsmith course, (attempting to design kinetic jewellery pieces after spending the day pushing pixels around in user interface designs) the penny dropped. That moment of realisation resulted in HIJ’s first range.  

Sketches of the designs were shared with friends and fellow women in technology in New Zealand - who ended up loving them! The first few pieces were made by hand to get a feel for the metal/materials, and the rest is what you see now on the site.

At present, Amelia does service design for a vehicle tracking software company based in NZ, helping keep drivers and truckers safe on the roads while minimising their carbon footprints. She uses her experience of translating software design techniques and methods along with her product design background to build a jewellery line in an industry ripe for revolution and disruption.



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